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Essays on conspiracy theories

essays on conspiracy theories

how even reputable scientists can jump to conclusions when faced with the possibility of an "explosive" discovery. These are "out of the ordinary" offerings by web authors who have fast proofreading service blogs made something unique and unusual available on the 'net. 3, however, some might have gone in the opposite direction. But unfortunately, the author not only distorts history, but unintentionally paints a very unflattering portrait of JFK. It was originally presented at the 1993 Third Decade Conference. 16 The theory makes the claim that Captain Edward Smith was a "Jesuit temporal coadjutor". Dale Myers and Gus Russo critique a variety of Morley's assertions in "Drums of Conspiracy" and "Fanning Wisps of Smoke." A recent TV special from the National Geographic channel featured enhancements of assassination films and an attempt to study the missed first shot that many. This is his personal account of an intellectual odyssey.

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I don't necessarily agree with all the conclusions these authors have drawn, but everything here is a solid piece of work that deserves your attention. How could Kennedy's head go "back and to the left?". These hostile views contributed to the campaign against the Jesuits which resulted in the suppression of the Society of Jesus by Pope Clement XIV in 1773. Titanic Olympic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy. Recording devices monitored the two radio channels used by the Dallas Police Department, and these recordings are a vivid "real time" account of the frenzy of activity that followed the shooting. Author David Talbot ought to the the sort of sober and serious person we would expect a member of the mainstream media to be on the assassination, but alas he isn't.