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Factors affecting health and wellbeing essay

factors affecting health and wellbeing essay

Social Care. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. Online Available at: /ons/dcp171778_238743.pdf Accessed 22 Oct. People who live in poorer areas are more likely to suffer from mental health illnesses due to depression than those in the upper class due to the amount of depravation they face on a daily basis, for example unemployment. It helps to identify and provide care according to their health needs. However society in England in this day and age, homosexuality is widely accepted. People with poor health often find to get a good job. Housing There is a correlation between poor housing and ill health and previous attempts to address the situation of poor housing that causes ill health have failed.

Obesity can cause arthritis, diabetes, cancer, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. Living in a big city where there is a lot of noise and light pollution can have detrimental effect to an individuals mental health, and can lead them to becoming depressed.

Factors affecting health and well being essays

factors affecting health and wellbeing essay

Obesity is not only a concern in the UK but is also a concern throughout the world. Many youngsters start to smoke as an experiment. They need high levels of american son novel essay communication skills, understanding of interpersonal and government standards and legislation. This essay discussed about current nursing practice taking initiation to reduce this disparity. Online Available at: Accessed 21 Oct. They believed that people can improve their own health through physical activity, better diet and stopping smoking, but in order to do so, individuals and their families need to be properly informed about the risks they taken when making their decisions. However a negative intellectual effect could be younger brothers and sisters might distract a member of the family from doing homework/work. Through all the data collected, there was no clear evidence that suggested that the damp was causing health problems. The result of the mucus clogging up the lungs, the individual can find that it is difficult to breathe and eat properly and this can have an impact on how they live and go about their day-to-day life. Health Benefits of Organic Foods. These examples indicate just how much culture can affect the patterns of ill health, as they show just how much culture can be detrimental and beneficial to an individuals health mentally and physically. These effects can have both negative and positive effects to an individual and their health.