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Importance of census short essay

importance of census short essay

could be taxed, recruited for military service or forced to work. The highest rates of population growth were reported in the South and West. Louis XIV undertook a statistical survey in the provinces of France. But today, some people question the importance of the census, and some complain that it's an invasion of privacy. (1) 5/3/2014 introduction 3 (2) 5/3/2014 Convective precipitation 3 (3) 5/3/2014 Orographic precipitation 4 (4) 5/3/2014 Cyclonic precipitation 5 (5) 5/3/2014 Frontal precipitation 6 (6) 5/3/2014 Precipitation due to turbulent ascent 6 (7) 5/3/2014 References (1)introduction There are five types of precipitation. But for a more accurate profile, demographers need more than the basic information mandated by the decennial census, De Jong says. 1 graph Step 2:- Draw a Line Graph of the total. In our country among the ignorant, superstitious and backward communities, information are often purposely withheld or falsified through fear or suspicion or out of taboos by the ignorant and backward people. Could census data fall into the wrong hands?

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A census is thus in the nature of a decennial stocktaking of national progress and development. Five thousand years ago, the Sumerians counted their population for taxation purposes. 5 graphs Year Male on dumpster diving rhetorical analysis essay in lakhs Female in lakhs Children (0 - 6 yrs.) in lakhs.5 2641. (A) Topic- Comparitive Study of population of India in last 50 years. In Biblical times, two censuses were undertaken, one by Moses in 1491.C.

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