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Essays on jousting

essays on jousting

this study will try to find out the transition from a very violent game to a safer one, from the height of popularit to its decline as it was reduced to something fit for pageantry and no more trace of the intense and brutal. Enough space will also be devoted to find out what were the kinds of equipment used. But the demise of jousting could not only be blamed by the elimination of the risk factor, a move that somehow took the excitement out of the tournament. Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper. Along with the jouster the horse is supposed to but not required to wear a matching color. The horses use a matching saddle as well as a matching head piece. About 150 years later tournament jousting was banned by King Henry. It must have been one exciting spectacle to behold. None of this armor was ever used in real battle where knights fought to the death. The semi-finals and finals match lasts six rounds.

Essays on jousting
essays on jousting

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In the earlier phase of the games development, one can find documentation of accidents and deaths. Jousting tournaments were very valuable in preventing sieges on castles. In a sense, a jousting match could prove or disprove a knights ability to be a truly chivalric knight. Two points are earned for breaking the lance on the opponents head. For a more determined man the tournaments serve a third purpose and it is the chance to bring home a sizable amount of money in the form of prizes most of it in gold. A random match lasts 4 rounds. Thus, the unreliable padded armor and the crude chain mail gave way to a more sturdy and reliable iron plates (see Gravett, 1998,. There was a style of armor with a built in shield at one side of the waist, just at the point where the lance should strike. For the sake of safety the game need to be regulated by the authorities. Of course the game wasn't played as we know it today but was much more rough. Combat starts as normal with an initiative roll, neither knight flat-footed.

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