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Transport and communication essay

transport and communication essay

enemy troops can be halted if efficient and quick means of transportation are developed in the border areas. Growing needs of man in different spheres played a signal role in the development of means of transportation. Milk and butter of Denmark, cheese of Australia or Switzerland, fruits of California and New Zealand are available throughout the world because of transportation facilities only. The Corridor will be a strategic game changer in the region and would go a long way in making Pakistan a richer and stronger entity.

transport and communication essay

Transfer of commo dities or people from one place to another place is known as transport.
Transport and communication are significant infrastructural requir ements of the modern world for its all over development.
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Resources of a place do not necessarily find their utilization in the health as a human right essay surrounding areas. Post and Telegraph Department helps in the communication. Train moves on the special train line. World Bank estimates that poor performance of the transport sector is costing Pakistan about five percent of its GDP. Perishable commodities are enjoying worldwide market on account of development of means of transportation. Thus even the national security is associated with transportation. Trade, transport and communication go hand in hand with one another. Goods are produced at one place, whereas consumed elsewhere. They are a link between the consumer and the producer.

Essay on Transport and communication are significant infrastructural

transport and communication essay