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Uses and abuses of science essay

uses and abuses of science essay

but on the other hand, that freedom must be used in logical and civilized terms, to improve life in society, otherwise its bad use may lead to a social chaos. Independent press has the freedom of publishing true facts about everyday governmental activities and decisions. Although there are some exceptions, some journalists and reporters are nowadays mor reliable than most of the politicians. A popular movie, when shown in the. T.V., can be as large crowd-puller. Intelligent people use it as a medium of culture and education. Some people have liking for action movies.

uses and abuses of science essay

Uses and abuses of science essay ak uso; ). Was a Francophone Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer.

Although societies claim for freedom of thought and expression, which are indispensable to live peacefully, censorship is sometimes necessary, due to the fact tha its abuse may badly influence the behaviour of a society and may also result in anarchism. Taking the glamorous cinema world as real, many lose whatever they have by trying to copy such a world. Science has done the greatest good in the field of medicine, it has insured our health. Nowadays, there is a tendency to think that people have the freedom to single out programmes while zapping. History and geography, art and sculpture, song and dance can be taught much more lively and interestingly through cinema than through dull lectures on them. Uses: Many stand to gain from Cinema. Even boys and girls of poor families want to be dressed like their favorite heroes or heroines and thereby cause a lot of misery and suffering to their families. Consequently, and in spite of political risks, Government should take some measures as regards some pernicious and detrimental programmes on television using censorship, if necessary. Before the of modern medicine, people suffered from method of protecting ourselves from these diseases.

Earning source for many: The hall-owner ( also multiplex owner) and his staff, artists, producer, camera-man, sound recordist, make-up man, lyricist, script writer, original writer, studio owner, playback singer who do not stand to benefit out of the film? It will relieve our monotony and give us a lot of refreshment. .